Metta Prieto
Life Coaching

Leave the Mormon Church
Feeling Confident and Ready...

You want to leave the Mormon Church, but you are nervous, and aren't sure what this decision would mean for your life.

What you need is to anchor into your most authentic self and make decisions that are in line with what you actually want.  

But the truth is that leaving your community is hard, and being judged by others is hard. It's also hard to question the stories that you have heard your entire life about what it will mean if you leave the church.  

The best news is, I can help you!

I have been both a rock star Mormon, and an apostate. When I left the church, I left on my own terms, in peace, and with my most important relationships intact. 

If you want to feel good about your decision to leave the church, feel confident about your ability to create a purposeful life for you and your family, and if you want the skills to navigate the tricky parts of leaving, I can absolutely help you.

Click below to schedule a chat if you are interested in finding out more about working together.  Wherever you are in your journey, I can help you map out a pathway towards the future you want to create.